Sundays Pearl

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Scenes from Madewell

A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure of co-hosting a fun summer event at Madewell! Since living in Charlotte my love for this shop really took off. I just love the style going on there, it’s on my constant radar. They do simple, basic, classic - perfectly!! Also they have a great denim bar!
Over the years I have gotten to know the wonderful staff at Madewell in South Park. They are such good people, I am going to miss my visits with them.
The word on the street is that Nashville is getting a Madewell in September though! How exciting & seriously what perfect timing I have to move there!
This event was super special to me. My good friend James from Not Just Coffee was there blowing us all away with delicious poor overs and added coolness vibes. We hung out with friends old/new, did some shopping, and got our caffein buzz on!

Touring Our New Neighborhood

Last week we became tourist in our future neighborhood. We walked the sound filled streets of Broadway and shopped the local goods at Hey Rooster General store! We hung out with some old/new friends at Pinewood Social. And when all else failed we ate and drank coffee and then drank some more coffee…
Nashville is so FUN! The restaurants, the charm, the southern goodness at every turn, it is just the sweetest! Excited to call this city my new home!
I think exploring this city will be my new favorite past time!

The goods at Hey Rooster were so great! A store dedicated to local and fine goods of all sorts. This will be favorite go to for sure!

Pinewood Social takes a casual hang to a whole new level! Gosh this place is devine, from the interior design to the casual game of bowling it really has it going on! Also serving up Crema coffee what’s not to love!

Some way to good burgers at The Pharmacy & some chill vibes at Barista Parlor

Have I done my job to intise you to come visit this great city?! And this is just a small drop in the bucket!

A week away!

Well it has been complete madness over here lately! Absolutely nothing worth Instagram, ha! Exactly 1 week till we move! We have been packing and packing!
Also been purging a ton too! I am so over stuff. Me and my husband have moved a lot and each time we always say it will be the last… HA! The good thing about moving though is that it really forces you to examine what is important. So many things we don’t want to get rid of and for some reason we feel better if we keep it, even though it will end up in a box in the attic completely forgotten.
I don’t want to live that way!
The only thing that gets a pass on that idea is my christmas decor :) !
With all this freedom from stuff and releasing my silly hold on things comes a new perspective when I am out and about shopping. My wallet & husband will thank me too.
I am so excited to be in our new place in Nashville! For a new routine and no junk in the closet. Minimal & Simple at it’s finest.
I’m going to miss this sweet little home in the Queen City!

Sunday’s Pearl + Madewell


So we all know I have some mad love for Madewell!  I think it would be so fun to hang out and meet you this SUNDAY (my favorite day of the week) at Madewell in Southpark Mall from 3-6pm!
Some of the best baristas from Not Just Coffee will be there serving amazing pour overs along with some of the best doughnuts you will ever have from Your Mom’s Doughnuts!  Seriously does it get any better than that??!!  Yes!  There will be a free give away- AND- if you spend $125 you will receive 20% off your entire purchase! It’s like a dream!

Come let’s gather together as I say farewell to the Queen City and my favorite Madewell store at Southpark Mall!


The new collection at Madewell is so good right now!  You don’t want to miss it!
This is what I wore on a beautiful Sunday in July!
Top / Vest / High Riser Skinny Jeans

Made By Sohn + Hackwith Design House Print


Remember Your True North

A beautiful piece of work from the hands of Made by Sohn. I love the color and tone of this print with the brushed grey embossed detail. And being in the middle of move I feel the words are a perfect deceleration. This Makers Alongside with Hackwith Design is one to not be missed! For now I have it hanging over my bed where I start and end my days, a sweet reminder. Can’t wait to get it to the new place! What an adventure I will be going on!


The Lamy Dress by Hackwith Design


The Lamy Dress //

This Dress. Oh boy Hackwith Design has done it again! There are no words to completely describe how perfect it is. It is a minimalist dream. When I slipped this dress on for the first time, I fell fast for it. That feeling when a garment fits and hangs perfectly… In your head you’re screaming “YES!” and then the power of confidence and comfort comes right after. Simply I just love it! Take notice of the subtle details, with the lager cut arm holes and the slits on either side. If only you could feel the material as well! Gosh it’s good.




The versatility of this dress is super fun too. I instantly envisioned wearing it to a garden party or a girly night out.  I also love the idea of it in a more urban setting as well. Whatever the occasion it will make you feel beautiful. I’ve already had a few different outings in it and sure to be more….



What I Wore //

Dress: Lamy from Hackwith Design

Boots: Forever 21

Necklace: Lenora from The Sneerwell

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington Watches //
So these watches are pretty perfect! I just love the design and the classic touch these beautiful time pieces have. I feel instantly more put together when I slip this beauty around my wrist!
Telling time never looked so good!  I’m wearing the Classic York Lady.
Oh and the best part is they are offering 15% off with code “maryellenskye” through the month of July!!